WA-AED: Website Redesign

February 2021

Website Features:

The team at WA-AED a part of the Purple Engineering Group needed a full website rebuild with an online store and a full ecommerce tracking system.


Ranking in search and having a site that will work well with Google Shopping and Google Display Ads was critical to the build as the primary driver of site traffic is paid SEM.


The team at WA-AED bring together a large range of Defibrillators, AED’s, AED Pads, AED Batteries, and more. Working as a West Australian distributor for a number of global Medical Supply brands they have the local team and global reach to ensure you get the right AED solution in a timely manner.


Importantly the single key contributing factor to improving survival rates of a person having a sudden cardiac arrest is the time taken to administer early CPR and defibrillation. With an AED from WA-AED on site you will be ready in the case of an emergency.


And now with the new site live the Cost of Customer Acquisition will start dropping, the site will climb in Google Search rankings, and sales growth will commence.


Mobile Optimised


Built to Rank in Search


Custom Design

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