FLTR: Brand New Website

February 2021

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The team at FLTR a part of the Purple Engineering Group needed a full website build with custom quoting processes and the capacity to load thousands of products to the site.

Functionality on desktop and mobile was critical for two reasons, firstly maintenance teams on remote sites often need to look up and order filters, secondly ranking in Google Search was crucial for this new build.

The team at FLTR bring together a large range of filters, filter vessels, and filtration parts. Working as an Australian distributor for a number of global filtration brands they have the local team and global reach to ensure you get the right filtration solution in a timely manner.

Their filters are designed and manufactured to serve a large range of industries including mining, oil & gas, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, water, and power generation.

This mobile optimised, lean site is already moving up the search rankings and generating qualified leads for the business.


Mobile Optimised


Built to Rank in Search


Custom Design

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