Feed Bee: Brand New Website

March 2021

Website Features:

FeedBee is a store for bee food that is nutritionally balanced for honeybees. The FeedBee has been available in the market for more than a decade. Now they are producing and supplying their product for Australian bee farms as well. For the Australian market, they have very new ideas and development for the site.


Mobile Optimised


Built to Rank in Search


Custom Design

What’s New?

This advanced website aims to meet modern standards and be more user-friendly. The very first enhancement in the website is to showcase the FeedBee products and act as the hub for the Australian market. With an online store, it is easy to manage and run the store from anywhere.

A complete E-commerce platform is integrated with WooCommerce. It provides the ability for visitors to purchase variations and addons for the FeedBee product. With WooCommerce the store is developed in such a way that it has scope for expansion along with the growing business.

Additionally, there was educational material, publication, and product information in the form of PDFs available as well.

As technology advances it will become necessary at some point to redesign the site to meet the better user experience. When we redesign the FeedBee site we define our purpose and consider branding, website infrastructure and page designing in our mind. We developed a design strategy in coordination with the FeedBee team to match the Feedbee market and Logo.

Choosing a CMS in modern technology is important as its intuitiveness and its customizable behavior. So the next solution we have added is to add WordPress for its simplicity, accessibility and effortless behavior to integrate any functionality. We have managed the site content and integrated the site with social media.

WordPress is inbuilt SEO friendly and additionally including Yoast SEO features boosts the SEO analytics of the site. We have focused on metadata, keywords for contents and sitemap features.

Finally, we have implemented the test scenario for all the devices in the unique page, store and functionalities. These are some of the key features which we have implemented and introduced in the site.

There are many more features like eCommerce tracking, payment gateways, analytics, variations any many more. So don’t forget to check out the new website FeedBee for the Australian market and if you are a bee farmer then do check the store for bee food – FeedBee.


  • By implementing and creating a brand new design the site is now better user interface and attractive.
  • By including advanced CMS and SEO it enhanced the content managing capability better search results.
  • The new design is device friendly which optimizes the site experience.
  • Including all these features increases the page speed by more than 80%.

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